Dr Ernest Wong's Biodata

Ernest Wong is the founder and master trainer of Learning Mastery Pte Ltd. A training and consulting company focusing on personal mindset change, wealth creation and academic excellence using the cutting-edge technology of Personality Psychology, Neuro-Semantic, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Accelerated Learning to create lasting impact.

Ernest has spent the last 25 years consulting companies, training and coaching more than 500,000 sales professionals, insurance agents, aspiring entrepreneurs, managers, educators, parents and students to increase sales, achieving sales targets, creating wealth, and transforming lives.

Ernest was the pioneer to bring in the powerful personal transformation technology ….. NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programing) to this part of the world. He is a “Master Practitioner” certified by the American Board of NLP, USA, being the first in Asia to conduct various trainings based on the NLP methodology in 1985.

Using this technology, Ernest has helped participants to remove phobia, getting rid of bad habits, clearing emotional blocks to successes, generating new behaviors. Many people have use the technology to sustain weight loss, quitting smoking, overcome stage frieghts and eliminating phobias.

Ernest helps participants to achieve personal transformation with NS-NLP and personality psychology by working on the core of changes. This profound understanding of the core factors in personality and the effective utilization of NS-NLP technology has created lasting impacts in the participants lives.

Ernest is also a Neuro-Semantics Trainer certified by the International Society of Neuro-Semantics® (ISNS) and is one of the founding members of the Institute of Neuro-Semantics, Singapore (INSS).

In addition, Ernest is one of the few people in Asia to become a DNA health/talent consultant and is also a certified Personality Profiling Consultant.

In the educational sector, Ernest was the first person to bring accelerated learning to Singapore, Malaysia, China, Hong Kong and Indonesia. Using his skills, knowledge and experience, he designed and created the highly effective and successful Super-Teen™ Holiday Camp in 1985. Since then, he has become the most sought after success mentor for training students, teachers and principals, by schools and educational institutions, both locally and overseas. Ernest was also a consultant working with the education Ministry in Hong Kong where he trains school principals and teachers to prepare for strategic changes in 1997.

In 1998, Ernest was the 1st and the only Asian to receive the Prestigious Golden Apple Award from the Foundation of Self-Esteem in California, USA, in recognition for his contributions towards Excellence in Education.

Ernest’s passion lies in bringing out the best in his trainees to help coach them achieve success faster and more efficiently. He strives to give his all to his trainees as nothing brings him more joy to see the excellent results achieved by them.

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